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Our Mission

Skills - Confidence - Results

Lazar Tuition provides a holistic approach to improving students’ learning. Our focus is to empower students with the skills and confidence they need to succeed.

Written expression forms the basis for most school subjects. It is also an essential skill for future study and employment. Therefore we focus on empowering students with the skills and confidence required for effective written and verbal communication. 


As part of our lessons, students get immediate feedback on their work in a way that they can use this to confidently refine and improve their submissions. Students are also be empowered to complete their work independently so that they are confident in their own capacity at school.

Expression of Interest: Student Organisation & Study Workshops

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Are you struggling to help your child with their homework and assignments?

Has your child fallen behind due to external influences like COVID, relocation or separation?

Is anxiety getting in the way of your child's learning and progress?

Is your child a high achiever and wants additional learning resources to get into a selective school?

Is English your second language?

If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place.


Why Use A Tutor?​

Lazar Tuition offers weekly small group online classes for students from years 1 through to 12. We also offer English, as a second language classes. We support students develop their skills and strategies in English to help build their confidence and success. Whatever your situation, Lazar Tuition can offer immersive group workshops tailored to meet your educational goals. Check out our class schedule and availabilities. If there is something further you need please don't hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to accommodate.


I have been in Australia for 4 months and was going to free English classes through Tafe. Everyone in my class was not at the same level so the classes are very long and boring. I really like doing Lazar online classes because I get to practice context and conversation skills instead of just learning words and I don't have to travel so it's convenient. I definitely recommend Lazar. It's helped me feel more confident at  work and in social settings.

Louisa S.

I have always struggled with study & while my dad tried to help me, it's been a long time since he went to school so some things he doesn't  really get. I was getting really bad results in my submissions and it was really demotivating and depressing. I spoke to the career advisor at school who recommended Lazar. Lazar has really helped me to stay focused and break down the work into digestible chunks so I don't get overwhelmed and have a plan for how to study & the depth of information I need to go into in my assignments in particular areas. This has helped me so much & I definitely feel more confident in what I am doing as well as getting really good feedback. I'm really glad I reached out to Lazar!


I was really overwhelmed when it came to writing essays for end-of-year assignments and just kept putting off doing them. I got so much anxiety and didn't really want to tell anyone  that I hadn't understood how to structure all the information. Luckily my mum found Lazar & they really helped me to make sense of everything & plan my information so that it flowed. Just having the extra support really got me through because I was too self conscious to ask for extra help in class because I didn't want to look bad in front of my friends.

Imogen D.


We offer a supportive and judgement free environment for students to learn and flourish.

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