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Primary Years Focus

If you are a parent of a primary student who is finding some of the fundamental components of literacy difficult, then your child will benefit from these lessons. We will help your child develop their sentence and paragraph structure with a focus on grammar, spelling and expression. We will also help your child improve their comprehension for understanding when they are reading and responding to texts. Students will enhance their ability to write a range of text types including a recount, persuasive, narrative and poetry. Their NAPLAN literacy skills, across all sections, will also be enhanced. They will also focus on their formatting, including setting out and handwriting. ​If they are studying for opportunity classes and selective school entrance tests, they can also join additional workshops that will give them the skills to respond to these testing requirements.

Secondary Years (7-10) Focus

If your child is in the senior years (Years 7-10) Lazar Tuition will help them improve their essay writing skills - specifically their argument, paragraph structure, analysis and clarity of expression. Additionally, there will be a focus on grammar, spelling and expression. They will also improve their confidence when starting and completing assessments for a range of humanities based subjects, including English. 

Years 11 & 12 Focus

Whilst preparing for the HSC in Years 11 and 12 you will be improving your essay thesis and argument, paragraph structure and depth of analysis. Additionally, you will perfect your ability to respond to HSC style questions and adapt your responses accordingly. You will also enhance your ability to write a range of HSC text types such as discursive and reflective pieces. To support your overall exam preparation, you will develop effective note taking and revision strategies for your texts. 

December / January Holiday Classes

Over the December to January School Holidays the following classes are being offered:

  • Selective Testing Preparation

  • Year 7 Preparation 

  • Year 7/8 Holiday Class

  • Year 9/10 Holiday Class

English Language Classes

As a new arrival in Australia, you need to improve your English conversational skills. Whether this is for work, study or your social skills, Lazar Tuition will improve your conversation skills for your IELTS, Cambridge and Visa application tests. Lazar Tuition will also equip you with the skills required for workplace language and communication, along with your grammar, expression, pronunciation, speed and fluency. 

Time Management and Study Strategy

As part of our holistic approach to empowering students, Lazar Tuition offers workshops to help you improve the skills that support your learning. These workshops will promote your organisation strategies, systems and resources including your ability to manage your time. It will help you develop the revision strategies necessary for exams. You will also develop a range of strategies to help you get motivated and reduce distractions. 

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