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Student Code of Conduct

Students are expected to:


  • Respect other students and their teachers

  • Follow class rules and follow the directions of their teachers.

  • Strive for the highest standards in learning.

  • Respect all members and show courtesy to all students and teachers.

  • Resolve conflict respectfully, calmly and fairly.

  • Not bully, harass, intimidate or discriminate against anyone in our schools.



Teachers will take strong action in response to behaviour that is detrimental to self or others or to the achievement of high quality teaching and learning.

Terms & Conditions.


Lazar Tuition will provide tuition for students based on the NSW NESA English syllabi. Classes are held weekly during NSW School Term times as published by the NSW Department of Education.


Classes will be for the following duration:


  • Year 7 Preparation class – 60 minutes

  • Year 7/8 – 75 minutes

  • Year 9/10 – 75 minutes

  • Year 11/12 – 75 minutes

  • Holiday classes 60 minutes

  • Holiday workshops (as advertised)



Fees are as advertised and subject to change with 5 weeks’ notice.


Term Time Classes: Each student must be enrolled for and agree to pay for a minimum of ten (10) weeks’ tuition. Lazar Tuition may reduce this enrolment period as it deems appropriate.


Missed Classes. Payments for any classes missed by a student are forfeited. Make up classes may be offered in special circumstances at the discretion of Lazar Tuition.



Lazar Tuition will provide tuition to the highest possible standard. Lazar Tuition will endeavour to meet all student requirements, but as each student is an individual and learns in different ways, there is no guarantee that tuition will achieve specific academic results. All study requires individual effort and preparation by the student, including reading, studying and practice which is beyond the control of Lazar Tuition.


Lazar Tuition accepts no accident liability beyond the control of the tutoring service.


Child Protection.

To adhere with NSW Child Protection legislation, Zoom sessions will not be recorded without direct parental permission. Students must also have their cameras turned off during tutoring sessions.


Code of Conduct.

Students are to follow the Lazar Tuition Code of Conduct (copy is available on


Refund policy

Lazar Tuition does not give refunds other than those covered under the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission legislation.



P.O. Box 7463,

Warringah Mall 

NSW 2100


+61 411 639 282 (Amanda)

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

9:00 am – 8:30 pm

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